TwoTimTwo saves time! Let TwoTimTwo help with your church’s Awana club record-keeping.

The site has been in use at Topeka Bible Church since 2010.  The church has a large club (nearly 400 clubbers) .

Since 2014, it has been used by many other churches – from small clubs (less than 50 clubbers) to large (more than 350 clubbers).

We have really enjoyed TwoTimTwo. Thanks for always answering our questions so quickly and being so flexible.

I wanted you to know how much we appreciated your Awana software this year. It really helped our club run so much more efficiently.

We are loving the versatility and user friendliness of TwoTimTwo.

As preparations were being made for the being of the new Awana year, we pressed for action on child safety concerns and what the Safety and Security Team needed us to do. We talked about how best to address this and our director shared she thought electronic record keeping would also work well for our club. I did some looking at the possible software or applications. Our director gave me the three she had looked at the previous year and had considered so I narrowed my evaluation to those. I then narrowed it to two possibilities and we reviewed them. The one we decided to try had a more up to date look and did more auto saving and thus fewer steps. TwoTimTwo has worked well for us. It helps with the parent check in and out sheet preparation so we have a written record of adults bringing and picking up children to meet what the safety team wanted us to have. It gives us a record electronically of who is here as we check in clubbers so we also have that if we need to evacuate the building and account for everyone. … Our Access data base is no longer used. … Team attendance reports and scoring sheets are no longer printed each week. You do not need to print out a yearly attendance sheet to manually update weekly. Books no longer have to be kept track of (by the clubbers) during opening or become weapons (skateboards etc.) during that time. The Sparks now put their books in group baskets at check in. Adult helpers can’t be fooled as easily as to where clubbers are currently in their books. … iPads, phones and MacBooks are now the record keeping tools. Now records are posted immediately in a database off site available to anyone authorized. Agendas show where each clubber is in their books and clubbers are automatically moved to the next level. … The points are automatically credited. Attendance does not have to be taken during handbook time which gives all leaders more time to work with the clubbers. … Attendance is tracked for you. The points given at check in for attendance, books, uniform and on time are automatically posted and totaled for each team so you don’t have to do the totals manually. I have easy access to the number of clubbers in attendance each week so I can anticipate how to make teams even for game time. We have a system to track charges and payments. Our directors have immediate access to payment records and contact information on their devices. … The new check in system has allowed me to begin to connect clubbers with parents and have a picture to help confirm names with faces. We have made the club safer inside and outside the building and are better able to keep track of our clubbers during club time.

I just wanted to let you know that we really enjoy this system and it is making everyone’s job so much simpler. I actually had a secretary ask what I need her for last week. She loves how simple it is to record the handbook activity and calculate the Awana Bucks.

As the Secretary to a Sparks group that has on average 50 to 60 children, I have found this automated on-line system to be extremely helpful to provide efficiency.

We love this program. We are a small club, but this program covers everything we need it to, and the ability to expand when our club does.

We used TwoTimTwo from the very first year we started the Awana program. The website made the integration of our program a smooth transition and really helped to simplify the record keeping needs of our program.

This website made our Awana club book keeping so much more organized and it really saves lots of time and efforts from our coworkers and things are definitely more manageable! I am really glad that I found this website and all the support and prompt response from the developer. Can’t say enough, and thank you!

We average about 55 clubbers per night in our Awana Program. We offer Puggles, Cubbies, Sparks, T&T, and Trek. This is the first complete club year that we have used TwoTimTwo. My Directors our very pleased that we are transitioning from paper to web-based tracking. Administratively it has made them more efficient and using this database allows our club secretary to spend more time with the clubbers each night. With the features TwoTimTwo has it is very economical.

TwoTimTwo has been such an easy program to use. There was a learning curve at the beginning, but customer support has always been extremely helpful. The program will continue to get even better with planned enhancements. I am so glad I made the change.

TwoTimTwo has taken our Awana Club from record keeping on paper and pen to computerized! It is much more professional to ask a parent to register online than to hand them a paper to fill out! Our records are clearer and it will be easier to transition from year-to-year this way also!

It has been really good to use the website that you’ve created for AWANA. It has saved countless hours of “home” time to compile all the information. Thank you, Thank you!!  -TNT Secretary

I do hope you get some sort of award or something for coming up with this program.  It is SO much easier than trying to do all this by hand.  It is truly wonderful!  I love clicking on the reports and the numbers are all just there!! YAY!!  -TNT Secretary

I wish you could have seen the secretaries tonight . . .they are really starting to scoot on this “new and improved” system.  It is indeed a marvelous thing!

I just want to say that our opening night went fantastic! Typically on opening night we start 15 minutes late, and even then there’s a line of parents out the door. Last night we were able to start on time, and there was a very small line at all times!

Currently used in 44 states of the US and 5 foreign countries!

Some of the churches using TwoTimTwo...