Remote / Covid-19

TwoTimTwo has been enhanced with features that help clubs deal with challenges resulting from Covid-19.

The option to allow parents to record attendance and/or completed sections.

Some clubs functioning remotely want to allow their parents to record “attendance”. That is, to record that their child worked on their Awana learning that week.

Some remote clubs want their parents to be able to record that their clubber completed their section for the week at home.

Covid-19 Release on registration form

TwoTimTwo allows creating custom clubber or household registration fields. A new “Release” field type has been added that allows the addition of customizable Covid release text on the registration form.

In Person or Online attendance option

The new Attendance Type field can be used by clubs that allow parents to decide whether their child will be attending In Person or Online. The field can be added to the registration form.

Option to allow recording sections for a meeting to be flexible during the week

Some remote clubs are having their leaders independently work by Zoom with their clubbers. These “leader” meetings may not be on the normal club day of the week. With this option enabled, activity for the meeting can be recorded by the leader remotely from Thursday through Wednesday (or similar if normal club meetings are on another day of the week than Wednesday).